Making paintings. Creating posters.

On the example of the painting titled "On the Edge of Another Galaxy" one can very clearly show the essence of creativity.

"After centuries of living in this beautiful world, she closed her eyes and for a split second found herself in a completely different world, where the sky is blue, and at sunset the star is golden, not red.

Such moments remain in memory for a long time, they help in the future or in the past, this is not the main thing. They help to create and develop. These are some markers, of your level of consciousness of the soul."

Painting is a window to another world. Just like a mirror this window is in though very similar, but still a different world. Ordering a picture you get a concentrate of thoughtforms in the form of an image. Of course this can be an image of a completely earthly and understandable and very famous or native city or street, but somehow it will be the artist's vision.

At the moment there are works created with the help of such materials:

acrylic on canvas, a pencil on paper, a combination of real and virtual painting, collages, and all the digital art.

We have created a store-catalog on our website and as we fill it we will focus on the most interesting works.

So, go to the store where you can see the works for sale. And also visit the ART section there are works of different directions that have not yet been added to the store, but can be sold as an original or a reproduction in the form of a poster on canvas or paper.

Order prints, posters and pictures! And we will try to replenish the collection of images!